Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trestman supports Conte

In Orlando, Marc Trestman was asked about Chris Conte.  I have provided the link, just click on Chris Conte and it will take you to it.  Some would say Trestman was being gracious and kind, but I believe the Bears still see something in him, or they could have easily cut him and save the $1.5. I will be writing a story on Conte later today over at Bear Goggles On.

Following up on Jared Allen, it appears that he may have been a victim of "happy wife, happy life". Allen got married back in 2010 and his wife, Amy, is from Chicago.  He claimed he wanted fair value and he got that certainly, but at the end of the day, the better value is having your wife smiling.

Bears management will be back in Halas Hall today, and while the focus will now turn to the draft, there are still some issues that need to be resolved.  Zack Bowman and Eben Britton are still unsigned and the Bears need to get them both re-signed. Currently at CB, the three starters are over 30 and the depth is scary thin.  Britton is important for he can play every position along the line and right now there are no guards for depth.

Updates will be forthcoming when and if they happen.

Update:  Here are Jared Allen's contract details

Update:  The Bears didn't attend the Manziel circus, excuse me, his Pro Day.  Such hoopla for a potential second round pick.  Pro Days mean nothing. It is when he has to go in for private workouts with the coaches of the prospective teams.  They will control the workout and will find all the worts if he has any. From what I am reading other than Bortles, all these high fliers are sliding down. Raiders are supposedly head over heels with Carr. Browns may wait till later in the first round to take one.


  1. A really, really strange contract structure. Only a $3m cap hit in 2014 which jumps to $12.5m in 2015? And a guarantee that pays out in 2015, but vests April 2014?

    Unless I am missing something here, the Bears didn't even need to restructure Cutler to sign Allen. And with nearly $8m open cap space per, they still seem to have room to go after Chris Clemons.

    1. Remember you need $4-5M for the draft and yes Clemons is still out there. Based on what Emery did with Allen, anything is possible.

  2. I do recall Emery saying something similar to "you have to be ready to swing....and then come back and swing again". Heck, they may not even be paying attention to Clemons at this point (ya right), but at this point nothing would surprise me.

    1. I think we can agree Emery works in mysterious ways. They might feel with Mundy in the box and Conte and Jennings being the better coverage guys they are in good shape. Like in 2012, when the front seven did their jobs you barely noticed Conte or Wright. I still think they will draft a S but more in the middle rounds now.