Monday, March 24, 2014

Mark Sanchez: Good fit for the Bears?

There has been a lot of movement this off season with Quarterbacks, and right now the odd man out is Mark Sanchez.  While some have said the Jets did him wrong by waiting so long to release him, I think it is the other way around, for now Sanchez can find the best place to land.  That could be the Chicago, but is it the best fit for him and the Bears?

Rumor had it initially upon his release that the Rams and the Bears were the front runners, now it seems Buffalo and Cleveland have entered the picture.  Where the Bears are now in this race for Sanchez? Hard to say, but I contend they are very much still there.  So let's see why he is or is not a good fit for the Bears.

Case for Sanchez:  The Bears stated they would look at veteran QB's to back up Cutler. Yes, Trestman likes Jordan Palmer, but he has not taken a game day snap since 2010. Do you really want to hand the keys to a potential playoff team to someone that has not seen action in years?  I don't think so and that in one reason to bring in Sanchez.

Sanchez is only 27, that is young in QB years, and being with the Bears would give him a chance to find himself again.  There would be little pressure on him, so that would give Trestman time to resurrect his career, ala Rich Gannon. He knows he will get snaps for Cutler usually gets hurt.  Also, Cutler has yet to convince anyone he is an elite QB and ready to lead the Bears to the next level. Seven year contract or not, Cutler fails he is gone and Sanchez has been groomed to take over.

Case against Sanchez:  He will want to start or have the chance to start. That won't happen with the Bears. Maybe Buffalo or Cleveland but not here. Sanchez will want big money and long term deal. Bears are not going to pay $8M for a back up. $2M for two to three years maybe.  Can he be fixed?Some believe Ryan and the Jets threw him into the fray to soon, that he needed grooming.  If so, is he so broken, even Trestman can not fix him?

The Bears would be a prefect place for Sanchez to come and get his career back on track. Unfortunately, he will fall prey to the lure of starting at a franchise that is dysfunctional on offense, and will find himself going down the tracks of irrelevancy.

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Update: Here is some well deserved news.  Jordan Mills will receive $318,243 from the performance based play pool. The league has a pool of $3.4M and it is to be used for the players who make the least but play the most.  Jordan was a 5th round pick, received a signing bonus of $164,800 and a salary of $495,000. He played 70.28% of the Bears offensive snaps and his performance based payout is the highest of all 32 teams.

Update: Sometimes you just to laugh at yourself. After writing about why Sanchez should look at the Bears it is being reported that Sanchez is about to sign with the Eagles.  There were never even mentioned as a landing spot.

Update: Here is one of those stories that may mean something or nothing. The Bears converted $5M of Cutlers $22.5M to a signing bonus. Freeing up more money. Per the Bears started the day at $6.6M and all players listed.  There are a few big names left that might require some hefty cash, Jared Allen, Pat Sims and Chris Clemons.    Emery is at the owners meeting this week so will be interesting to see if anything happens.


  1. I like Clemons, but wonder what he is wanting for $. Do not want to over pay for an old, 1 year player, when we just released one. I truly think we will be fine at S, if we can get our front 7 moving. Had Conte/Wright a few years ago and did just fine when we had a front. Throw in Jennings and Mundy, and I think we will survive. Still need to address at the draft. Sims is interesting bc he is younger and massive.

    1. Old, 1 year player in Allen is how it was supposed to read. Clemons is young!

    2. I am a big fan of Clemons at FS and am surprised that he is still out there. It has to be money and no one links him to any team. I agree if the front seven do their jobs we will not see our S so exposed. Mundy is a definite upgrade at SS.

  2. I have nothing meaningful to add to this discussion. Just wanted to say that even though I may not post a comment, I have been keeping up and your blog is much appreciated from a long time (30+ yr) Bear fan. Keep it up....This blog is in my bookmarks and I check it frequently. I can't emphasize enough how few "sites" I "bookmark".....they are very few........

    1. Ben, Thank you very much for your words and I appreciate your bookmarking it. I have to say I do look forward to your comments.