Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Josh Morgan update & Brock Vereen

It's been reported that Josh Morgan will do 32 hours of community service and afterwards the assault charge will be expunged from his record.  This is the result of an incident back in April outside a Washington DC nightclub where a valet supposedly looked in the direction of Morgan's girlfriend.

Another interesting note is that Brock Vereen is considered by many to have the greatest potential to have impact of all the Bear rookies. He has impressed the coaches and he took all the first team snaps at the OTA's.  Vereen has been quoted as saying that the play is slowing down now and he can react without thinking about it.  With Conte out till preseason, its Vereen's job to lose. I would not be surprised to see Vereen and Mundy as opening day safeties.

One other note. There will be a real dogfight for the fifth corner spot. Right now it looks like C.J. Wilson is the front runner over Frey and Hurst.    

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Morning and updates

Wanted to tell everyone thanks for the comments and your insights. It's appreciated and enjoy reading them. One of the reasons I have not written much is I am not one to write on something for the sake of writing on it.  I will say I could go off on Donovan McNab swipe at Cutler, or Michael Wright at ESPN fodder about Steltz making the team and other banal stuff. Right now there is not much to write about.

One other thing, I will busy with some real life activities through the end of the month. Meaning I may not be around when training camp opens and that is a bummer. So my post will be intermittent. Its all good, daughter getting married and I need to be available for all the activities. Meaning I need to be on call to go here or there to get stuff. LOL

I do look in everyday and if there is something worth discussing I will write on it. I hope all are enjoying your summers.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Update on the Bears Rookie Class

While there has been plenty of press on Fuller and Vereen, there has also been some interesting insights on four other players from the Bears rookie class.

Most Impact:  Will Sutton, DT.

There has been plenty said about Will, but analyst feel he will fit perfectly along the Bears DL.  Due to the improvement at DE, with Allen, Houston and Young, many feel this will open up the one gap. This is exactly the area Sutton excelled in college his junior year.  He is now back down to his earlier playing weight, has all the speed and technique to be a dominant force in the middle of the line.  Some say he is the dark horse for ROY.

Underrated pick: Ka'Deem Carey, RB

From what I have read Carey has really impressed Kromer.  It has been said that when Ka'Deem plants his foot he just explodes to the hole and is a true north-south runner. Along with the fact he can catch the ball makes him more valuable.  No one can predict how many touches he will get. due to Forte being so effective, but suspect to see Carey get 5-10 carries a game.


David Fales, QB

There is little doubt he is the future number two QB.  The question remains is it this season or next? The reports from mini camp and OTA's is that Fales has grasped the offense quickly and Cutler has been his mentor outside of Halas Hall.  As stated before, he meets all of Trestman's criteria and has a stronger arm than most believe.

Charles Leno, OL

He was the Bears last pick and many scouts feel he is a future starter.  He will no doubt make the roster and will push Eben Britton for playing time as a back up. He can play tackle and guard so that gives him versatility.  He played both tackle positions at Boise St and started 36 consecutive games. The word is that Leno has a great attitude on and off the field and is highly coachable.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Busy week for the Bears

Last week was anything but quiet for the Bears.  First off the signed Pro Bowl S, Adrian Wilson to a one year deal.  As Chuck Canning mentioned in his comments, this is a low risk signing. There will be three things for Wilson to overcome:

1. His age, 34.

2. Recovering from an Achilles heal injury.  This is one of the more difficult injuries to bounce back from. So how in shape he is will be a huge determinate in making the team.

3. Roster depth. Believe it or not, the Bears have a deeper roster at Safety now.  With Vereen and Mundy taking the first team snaps. M.D. Jennings, Danny McCray, Chris Conte, Craig Steltz and Marcus Trice on the roster, Wilson could face and uphill climb.

No matter how difficult it may look on paper, Wilson is a top flight player and if he is able to comeback could provide the Bears with that experience for one year while Vereen and Mundy develop.  All in all, will be surprised if he is on the roster.

Next up was Cornelius Washington getting arrested in Georgia.  This is really a non event. Pulled over for speeding on a suspended license.  I doubt the Bears will make an issue over it, but with all the depth at DE, you don't need to give the organization any excuse to cut you.

The Bears also signed TE, Jeron Mustrud.  Mastrud has been in the league for four seasons, played in 52 games, where he started in 18 of them. Last season with the Raiders he started 12 of 16 games and is known more for his blocking.  He has caught 7 passes for 96 yards liftetime.  He has good size at 6'4" and 260# and does give the Bears an experienced starter behind Bennett.  Interesting signing and one that might turn out okay.

I have included segment Four and Five of Bears Rookie minicamp. 


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Coming week

I will be off camping starting tomorrow and not back till Saturday so there will be no post. Hopefully it will be a quiet week for the Bears. See you all next week!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Minicamp updates

There has been a few notes coming out of the past minicamp.

1. As reported, Brock Vereen took the majority of his reps with the first unit alongside Ryan Mundy. With Conte not being ready till training camp, it is looking like more and more that Vereen will be the starter.

2. Trestman has said it will be a real battle for the number 2 running back position. All three candidates, Carey, Draghuan and Ford have looked good in shorts.  It will really heat up once the pads go on.

3.  Clausen looked far better in mini camp than did Palmer. While we have a long way to go to determine who will be the number two QB, my thinking is that Clausen has an inside track. He has a strong arm, knows Trestman and is a quick study.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bears make roster moves as mini camp ends.

The Bears wrapped up there three day mini camp and as expected some roster moves were made. The cuts were QB Jerrod Johnson, DE Israel Idonje, S Sean Catthouse and TE Fendi Onobun.  The Bears also signed DE Jamil Merrell and LB Conor O'Neil (both undrafted rookies).

I don't think anyone is surprised by Johnson and Catthouse being let go. Neither really had a chance to make the squad with the draft choices and free agents signed at their positions.  Idonje was a bit of a surprise but it reflects the play of the younger players and that made him expendable.  The disappointing cut was Onobun.  I believe most fan's were rooting for him to make that big leap in development but it appears it just didn't happen.

So going into training camp next month the interesting battle will be between Clausen and Palmer., for the number 2 spot.  My instincts is the Bears are going to give Clausen a long look.  

On the Merrell and O'Neil signings I would not get all warm and fuzzy over them. I would be surprised if either make it through training camp. The Bears roster is now at 88.

Update: After sixteen seasons, long snapper, Patrick Mannelly has announced his retirement.